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As a member of Brinkley Law Firm, Attorney Katharyn Sophia represents family law clients navigating divorce, custody, support, and modification issues. In all aspects of legal strategy, Ms. Sophia helps clients make smart decisions to address their immediate issues and long-term goals. Consistent with the firm’s goal to “Keep Families First,” Ms. Sophia helps keep clients stay child focused for the overall health and well-being of our clients and their families.

Additionally, Ms. Sophia assists future parents building their families through adoption and third-party reproduction, including surrogacy and gamete donation. Ms. Sophia’s interest in fertility law began during her law school education where she was first introduced to the complexities of third-party reproduction and parental rights. After observing several friends and family members who have built their families through assisted reproduction, she brings a fresh and personal perspective to helping deserving parents bring home their dream baby. Furthermore, through her advocacy with the Alliance for Equality, she is uniquely aware of the legal challenges for same sex couples desiring to build their family and is sensitive to their unique needs, both on a personal and legal level.

A native of Connecticut, Katharyn Sophia received her Bachelors of Arts in Journalism from State University of New York and is a graduate of the Charleston School of Law where she excelled in trial advocacy. Her community outreach projects included assisting the Tri-County Human Trafficking Task Force and advocating for the Alliance for Equality.

During law school, Ms. Sophia clerked with Yelvertson Litigators where she assisted with personal injury cases advocating for victims of nursing home abuse, victims of drunk drivers, workers compensation claims, and medical malpractice. During her time with Yelverston, Ms. Sophia excelled legal research, trial preparation, and client relations.

Ms. Sophia is a seasoned aerialist, who performs in the Charleston area. Her hobbies include international travel and she enjoys new cultural experiences both at home and abroad. She is a fur-mommy to a huskie and two cats.

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