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Frequently Asked Questions About Surrogacy in South Carolina

As assisted reproductive technology (ART) attorneys, we hear a lot of questions about surrogacy—from intended parents, from prospective surrogates, and even from judges who are trying to learn more about this rapidly-evolving area at the intersecti… Read More
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Choosing a Friend as a Sperm Donor

An increasing number of people are choosing to become pregnant using donor sperm. Some are lesbian couples. Some are single women who don’t want to wait any longer to meet a partner before becoming parents. And some are opposite-sex couples in whic… Read More
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Tax Deduction for Surrogacy Expenses

Starting or expanding a family, as every parent knows, can be a costly venture with priceless dividends. Those costs are usually higher than average when the journey to parenthood includes surrogacy. Many intended parents who are working with a surro… Read More
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FAQs for LGBTQ+ Couples Using Assisted Reproductive Technology

Planning for parenthood is an exciting time. While all hopeful parents have a lot of questions about what lies ahead, same-sex couples have some unique concerns about the process of becoming parents and about their legal rights. Here are some of the… Read More
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Idaho Supreme Court Ruling on Non-Biological Parents’ Rights for Same-Sex Couples

A recent Idaho Supreme Court ruling should serve as a cautionary to parents of children conceived through artificial insemination, and individuals hoping to become parents through this method. Analysis of Gatsby v. Gatsby In 2015, two women, Linsay a… Read More
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Why is My Fertility Doctor Insisting on a Lawyer for Our Surrogacy Match?

If you have been consulting with a fertility doctor, and have reached a point in the process where you have decided to build your family through surrogacy, you are probably wondering about next steps. Your fertility doctor may have recommended that y… Read More
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Do Intended Parents Get Parental Leave for Their Child Born Through Surrogacy?

It’s the time that intended parents look forward to the most: the days after the birth of their child, when their dreams of parenthood have become a reality. Life with a newborn is both exhausting and exhilarating, no matter how the baby became par… Read More
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Embryos and Divorce

How Are Embryos Handled After Divorce in South Carolina?

Certain issues are a part of every divorce: division of marital property, and, if there are children, custody of those children. But what happens in marriages in which the marital “property” includes frozen embryos from IVF procedures? Is there s… Read More
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How Lesbian Couples Can Build a Family Through Reciprocal IVF

There are multiple options available for lesbian couples who want to start a family. One partner may undergo artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination with donor sperm. The couple may choose to adopt. But the process of reciprocal in vitro… Read More
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Assisted Reproduction: What Happens to Parental Rights?

There are many reasons a couple may choose assisted reproduction to build their family. An intended mother or father may not have viable eggs or sperm of their own and need donated eggs, sperm, or embryo. A couple that needs the help of a surrogate t… Read More
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