International Surrogacy

Charleston, South Carolina Surrogacy Attorneys

There are many reasons why intended parents seek surrogacy in the United States. Whether the reason is political, religious, or financial, Brinkley Law Firm, LLC can help international parents with the legalities of creating a family through third-party reproduction in South Carolina.

South Carolina has a favorable legal climate for surrogacy as we are home to several renowned fertility clinics and our family courts favor the preservation of family and parental rights. In fact, hospital systems located within our state borders continue to implement and fine-tune their surrogacy admission policies in response to the increasing use of surrogacy in our state.

When you are a client of Brinkley Law Firm, we will navigate you through the drafting of the surrogacy contract and petitioning the family court for court orders affirming parentage. Clients will also be introduced to colleagues and professionals who can assist in matters such as health insurance coverage, visa applications, and citizenship requirements for returning to their native country.

Throughout the surrogacy journey, clients of Brinkley Law Firm are fully informed and guided through the legalities of surrogacy to protect their parental rights.

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To learn more about the legal aspects of international surrogacy and how a family formation / ART attorney can help, we welcome you to contact Brinkley Law Firm to schedule a consultation.

Attorneys:  Stephanie M. Brinkley