military pay

Garnishing Wages from Military Pay for Child or Spousal Support

All parents are obligated to support their children. When parents are divorced or have never been married, that obligation is usually formalized by an order for child support issued by a state court. While in some circumstances, an obligor (parent wh… Read More
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modify child support sc

Modifying Child Support in South Carolina

Depending on how old a child is when an order for child support is entered, the parents could be subject to that order for almost two decades. If you think about your life twenty years ago, or even ten, you’ll realize that a lot can change over the… Read More
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assisted reproduction

Assisted Reproduction: What Happens to Parental Rights?

There are many reasons a couple may choose assisted reproduction to build their family. An intended mother or father may not have viable eggs or sperm of their own and need donated eggs, sperm, or embryo. A couple that needs the help of a surrogate t… Read More
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postnuptial agreement

Understanding Postnuptial Agreements

Most people have heard of prenuptial agreements, but relatively few are familiar with postnuptial agreements, also called “postnups.” That’s not a surprise. Prenups are much more common than postnups, perhaps ten times as common. What’s the d… Read More
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Mother and child of different races

Helpful Information for Parents Considering Transracial Adoption

There are many ways to build a family, and adoption can be one of the most beautiful, bringing together a child who needs a parent with a parent or parents who desperately long to share their love with a child. There are many types of adoption as wel… Read More
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military base housing

Base Housing in a Military Divorce

Military service offers a number of economic benefits to service members and their families, not the least of which is housing. Military families may live in family housing on base, or off base in private housing. Families that qualify to live off ba… Read More
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Petition for Child custody

How Does Joint Legal Custody Work in South Carolina?

Married parents who are divorcing, and unmarried parents who are living in different households, are almost always concerned about custody of their children. If you and your spouse or partner are planning to live apart, you probably are, too (and tha… Read More
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family sitting together

Stepparent Adoption in South Carolina

Sometimes the law creates a family, as when a person or couple adopts a newborn through an agency or private adoption. And then there are times that the law simply gives formal recognition to a family that already exists. That is often what happens i… Read More
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couple sitting across from each other with hands folded

Collaborative Divorce vs. Mediation

If you have been thinking about divorce, but wanting to avoid a stressful court battle, you may have come across the terms “Collaborative divorce” and “divorce mediation” in online searches. Both are popular types of alternative dispute resol… Read More
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Surrogacy - word from wooden blocks with letters

Understanding the Different Types of Surrogacy

When a woman carries a baby for another person or couple, she is commonly referred to as a surrogate. But often that term is incorrect. There are different ways that a woman may come to carry a pregnancy for someone else, and the terminology used sho… Read More
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