legal custody

What Does Legal Custody Mean for Decision-Making?

When we speak of “custody,” it can mean a number of things. Generally, child custody is divided up into the categories of “physical custody” and “legal custody.” Physical custody, as most people know, is the parent with whom a child lives… Read More
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who is a parent

Who is a Parent in South Carolina?

It seems like a question with the most straightforward of answers: who is a parent? But the answer is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Is a parent someone who contributes genetic material to a child? Usually the answer is yes, but not alway… Read More
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Stephanie Brinkley

Stephanie Brinkley Presenting at 2021 Family Law Intensive CLE Event

“The Crossover Between Fertility and Family Law: Top Tips for Effective Representation” Brinkley Law Firm’s own Stephanie Brinkley is speaking at the 2021 Family Law Intensive CLE in Charleston to be held at the Hyatt Place and Hyatt House Char… Read More
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military id

Military IDs for Divorced Spouses and Children

Military service members and their families sacrifice a lot for the nation they love. Serving in the armed forces carries tremendous responsibility and also some well-deserved benefits. Access to those benefits is granted to individuals with a milita… Read More
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reciprocal ivf

How Lesbian Couples Can Build a Family Through Reciprocal IVF

There are multiple options available for lesbian couples who want to start a family. One partner may undergo artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination with donor sperm. The couple may choose to adopt. But the process of reciprocal in vitro… Read More
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Stephanie Brinkley Appointed Vice-Chair of ART Committee of the ABA Section of Family Law for Bar Year 2021-22

Stephanie Brinkley has been appointed to serve as Vice-Chair of the ART Committee of the ABA Section of Family Law for the bar year 2021-22. Stephanie is excited to fulfill her duties as Vice-Chair of the ART Committee, including attending committee… Read More
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military pay

Garnishing Wages from Military Pay for Child or Spousal Support

All parents are obligated to support their children. When parents are divorced or have never been married, that obligation is usually formalized by an order for child support issued by a state court. While in some circumstances, an obligor (parent wh… Read More
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modify child support sc

Modifying Child Support in South Carolina

Depending on how old a child is when an order for child support is entered, the parents could be subject to that order for almost two decades. If you think about your life twenty years ago, or even ten, you’ll realize that a lot can change over the… Read More
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assisted reproduction

Assisted Reproduction: What Happens to Parental Rights?

There are many reasons a couple may choose assisted reproduction to build their family. An intended mother or father may not have viable eggs or sperm of their own and need donated eggs, sperm, or embryo. A couple that needs the help of a surrogate t… Read More
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postnuptial agreement

Understanding Postnuptial Agreements

Most people have heard of prenuptial agreements, but relatively few are familiar with postnuptial agreements, also called “postnups.” That’s not a surprise. Prenups are much more common than postnups, perhaps ten times as common. What’s the d… Read More
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Since founding Brinkley Law Firm in 2011, attorney Stephanie Brinkley has helped families grow and expand by navigating them through the legal challenges surrounding Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) and Adoption. As an attorney who focuses on f… Read More
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Originally from Los Angeles, Christopher Kays moved to Charleston in 2007 when he reported to The Citadel for his knob year to study psychology. As a cadet, Christopher volunteered at the VA hospital and helped establish Leadership Day, The Citadel… Read More

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