Stephanie Brinkley Appointed Vice-Chair of ART Committee of the ABA Section of Family Law for Bar Year 2021-22

Stephanie Brinkley

Stephanie Brinkley has been appointed to serve as Vice-Chair of the ART Committee of the ABA Section of Family Law for the bar year 2021-22.

Stephanie is excited to fulfill her duties as Vice-Chair of the ART Committee, including attending committee meetings and conferences, assisting with facilitation of the submission of CLE proposals, etc. Since she has dedicated her career to ART, she is humbled to be able to share her expertise and contribute to the ABA Section of Family Law on a different level.

According to the American Bar Association website, the ART Committee “studies and reports on the legal and ethical ramifications of advances in the technology of assisted reproduction, and in the science of genetics, that relate to family law, through CLE programs; publications; development of model legislation; and making of Reports and Recommendations through the Section of Family Law to the ABA; and by these efforts, influence public policy, legislation, and, as amici curiae, court decisions, that impact the individuals and institutions involved, toward the end of promoting progress in, and betterment of, the law, as well as the practice of law.”

Stephanie is a member of the South Carolina Bar and dedicates her practice to fertility issues impacting future families by focusing on the complex area of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). She is an active member of the ART Division with the American Bar Association’s Family Law Section and oversees the ART Mentorship Program. She is a Fellow with the American Academy of Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAARTA) and a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and Resolve.

Read more about the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Committee description and what roles the Vice-Chair handles each year.

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