How To Protect Yourself with a Known Donor

How To Protect Yourself w…
There are a lot of legal considerations when using a known donor - whether an egg or sperm. Stephanie Brinkley, joins Connecting Rainbows to walk us through the basics. Having a lawyer is essential to ensuring your parental rights are safe. Watch this video and give us a call if need help forming a family of your own.

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Since founding Brinkley Law Firm in 2011, attorney Stephanie Brinkley has helped families grow and expand by navigating them through the legal challenges surrounding Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) and Adoption. As an attorney who focuses on f… Read More
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Originally from Los Angeles, Christopher Kays moved to Charleston in 2007 when he reported to The Citadel for his knob year to study psychology. As a cadet, Christopher volunteered at the VA hospital and helped establish Leadership Day, The Citadel… Read More

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