Charleston, South Carolina Adoption Attorneys

Adoption is one of the most joyful events in the life of a family. It is also typically a challenging and emotional legal process. At Brinkley Law Firm, our adoption lawyer team provides legal representation for adoptive parents to ensure that the adoption process is as positive and stress-free as possible.

Types of Adoption

Just as there are many different types of family, there are also many different types of adoption, some of which are more time-consuming and complex than others. Regardless of the details of your adoption, having an experienced adoption attorney helps the process go more smoothly. The Brinkley Law Firm supports all types of families in:

  • Domestic adoptions

  • Domesticating international adoptions

  • Adult adoptions

  • Stepparent adoptions

  • Grandparent and relative adoptions

  • Private adoptions

  • Agency adoptions

  • Adoptions from foster care

  • Interstate adoptions

  • Adoption of a special needs child

  • Contested and uncontested adoptions

  • Open and closed adoptions

The adoption process terminates the legal relationship between a child and their birth parents, and creates a new legal relationship between the child and their adoptive parent or parents. Because adoption has a profound and permanent impact on lives and relationships, South Carolina has laws in place to ensure the protection of the child, birth parents, and adoptive parents. The adoption attorneys of Brinkley Law Firm have represented numerous families and are well versed in South Carolina adoption laws.

Adoption Lawyer in South Carolina

The journey to adoption is different for each family. Some families choose adoption as a way to formalize the parent-child relationship with a child who is already in their home, such as in stepparent or grandparent adoption or adoption of a foster child. Others envision adoption as a way to begin or expand their family, and are seeking an adoption opportunity or have matched with a birth mother.

We work with families at every step of the adoption process, coordinating with other adoption professionals, government agencies, and family courts. Our goal is to ensure that all of the essential documentation for the adoption is both properly prepared and promptly filed with the courts, so you and your family can feel secure in your future together.

Most families who adopt in South Carolina have never been through the adoption process before. At Brinkley Law Firm, we understand not only the legal complexities of adoption, but the personal challenges involved, as well. Many families considering adoption have experienced disappointment in past efforts to build their families and are understandably concerned about whether the adoption process will be successful. We offer prospective adoptive parents a realistic picture of what to expect at various points in the process while taking every possible measure to ensure that their dreams of adoption will be realized.

The South Carolina Adoption Process

The first step to any adoption is to decide whether adoption is right for your family. Brinkley Law Firm can help you explore your options and decide which type of adoption might be best for your needs if and when you are ready to commit to building your family through adoption. In South Carolina, most adoptions of a non-family member are through a domestic adoption agency, international adoption agency, or the foster care system.

In all of those types of adoption, a home study is an important part of the process. The home study offers a picture of the type of home, family, and environment you would offer a child. Most prospective parents have worries about the home study, but we can help you understand what to expect and to feel prepared for this important evaluation. A home study often includes an extensive background check, a visit to your home, and an interview with a social worker.

Once the home study is successfully completed, you may be matched with a child awaiting adoption or selected by a birth mother, depending on the type of adoption. The adoption attorneys of Brinkley Law Firm will work to ensure that your child is placed with you as soon as reasonably possible, that all necessary consents are signed, and that all paperwork is properly completed to allow for the finalization of the adoption.

Services for Birth Mothers

Making the decision to surrender a child for adoption can be difficult, but it may be the right decision for you, for the baby, and for a waiting family who will welcome the baby into their lives. If you are considering surrendering a child for adoption, Brinkley Law Firm can help you understand the legal implications of your decision, answer all your questions, and ensure that your rights and interests are protected throughout the process.

Experienced South Carolina Adoption Lawyer

Brinkley Law Firm has over a decade of experience helping South Carolina families navigate the adoption process to begin or expand their family. We invite you to contact our adoption attorneys today for a consultation to discuss your needs.