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Brinkley Law Firm, LLC is prepared to assist future and existing parents who wish to grow or expand their families via private adoptions, agency adoptions, interstate adoptions, and step-parent adoptions. Our firm will also handle both contested and uncontested adoption matters. Additionally, we assist with domesticating international adoptions for South Carolina residents.

Brinkley Law Firm's South Carolina adoption attorneys work with adoption professionals, government agencies, and the family courts. We insure the vital documentation is properly prepared to begin your journey into parenthood and properly filed with the court for peace of mind. Brinkley Law Firm is prepared to guide you through the adoption process and your establishment of parental rights.

Let our South Carolina adoption attorneys help grow your family.

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Since founding Brinkley Law Firm in 2011, attorney Stephanie Brinkley has helped families grow and expand by navigating them through the legal challenges surrounding Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) and Adoption. As an attorney who focuses on f… Read More
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Originally from Los Angeles, Christopher Kays moved to Charleston in 2007 when he reported to The Citadel for his knob year to study psychology. As a cadet, Christopher volunteered at the VA hospital and helped establish Leadership Day, The Citadel… Read More

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