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Close up of wedding rings sitting on prenuptial agreement - What to include in prenuptial agreement concept

What to Include in a Prenup to Set Your Marriage Up for Success

Many people think of prenuptial agreements as planning for divorce. With that mindset, they are understandably reluctant to get one—who wants to admit defeat before a marriage even gets started? It’s true that a prenup is useful in the event of d… Read More
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soldier hugging his daughter goodbye - visitation during deployment concept

Delegating Visitation During Military Deployment

Parents who serve in the military make many sacrifices for their country. One of those is the ability to spend time with their children when they are deployed. What happens to visitation during deployment, when a parent and child cannot be together?… Read More
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A soldier's hand holds a child's hand in close-up. My father is a military man. A soldier and a child. Father's love

Child Custody for Military Parents

People join the military for many different reasons: to make the world safer for their loved ones, to support their families, and because they love their country. While many of the motivations for military enlistment center around the desire to make… Read More
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Beautiful woman enjoying life after divorce

5 Mistakes Not to Make After Divorce

Congratulations—your divorce is final! You survived the breakdown of your marriage, the often sad and stressful divorce process, and now you’re ready to move on with life after divorce. Moving on after divorce is different for everyone. Some peop… Read More
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Parallel parenting concept

What is Parallel Parenting, and is it Right For You?

We’ve said it before: parenting is hard, and parenting after divorce is usually even harder. Parenting after divorce when you have a high-conflict relationship with your ex-spouse can feel almost impossible. You want your children to have a positiv… Read More
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Celebrity divorce concept

Celebrity Divorce with Dignity: Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

America has always been obsessed with celebrity relationships: who’s dating who, who’s getting married, and especially who’s getting divorced. Often, it seems that the more sensational and ugly a celebrity divorce is, the more captivated we are… Read More
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Divorce during covid concept - military and nurses

COVID-19 Making Waves in the Military Divorce Process

The military divorce rate went down from 3.1% in 2019 to 2.8% in 2020. While that might seem like a good thing at first glance, it’s likely that the decline wasn’t due to an increase in marital harmony among service members and their spouses. A m… Read More
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Embryos and Divorce

How Are Embryos Handled After Divorce in South Carolina?

Certain issues are a part of every divorce: division of marital property, and, if there are children, custody of those children. But what happens in marriages in which the marital “property” includes frozen embryos from IVF procedures? Is there s… Read More
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military divorce

5 Ways Military Divorce is Different From Civilian Divorce

Marriage can be hard. In many ways, a marriage in which one or both spouses is in the military can be even harder, with the deployments and other challenges military families face. It is no surprise that military divorce rates are slightly higher tha… Read More
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Relocation Concept - South Carolina

Factors for Relocation in South Carolina

Not so many generations ago, families in this country tended to stay put. Adults often worked for the same company much of their adult lives. People dated and married others in their community and settled down there. Children grew up near grandparent… Read More
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